wooly sweater in fall

Fall Fertilizing Helps Boost Spring Lawn Growth

Thick wooly sweaters (for dogs and humans!) and a hot thermos of cocoa are perfect tools for keeping comfortable during these cooler months. Our lawns feel the same way with a little shot of nitrogen and potassium combined with a thick layer of early morning dew. Fall fertilizing is a must for a healthy spring … Continued

5 to dos for fall lawn care

5 To Dos For Fall Lawn Care

While kids might think the reason for raking leaves is just to make leaf piles for jumping in, Hillside knows that the best way to ensure a thick, green turf in the spring is to lift leaves off your lawn and continue lawn maintenance throughout the fall. Here are the top 5 to dos for … Continued

November Outdoor Chores “To Do List”

The cold weather is sinking its teeth into the Mid-Atlantic area now but, there are still some outdoor chores to do! Your landscape needs some late fall TLC. So, get out your clip board and tack the following “To Do List” to it. These extra steps this fall will ensure a great green spring up: … Continued

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Winterize a lawn by removing leaves

How To Winterize Your Lawn

The Farmer’s Almanac predicts “above-normal” precipitation in Maryland which means that the region will have a “cold-and-snowy” winter. Whether you believe these predictions or not, it’s important to prepare your lawn for cooler temperatures because a great, green lawn starts in the fall. Winterizing your lawn in the fall will help your lawn green up … Continued

fertilizer spraying

Fall Lawn Fertilization Means Thick Spring Green Up

Don’t let the cooler temperatures of autumn fool you. Cool temperatures are best for fertilizing your lawn. By taking advantage of softer soil, cooler temps and tired turf, fall fertilization can penetrate deep down and prepare your grass for a gorgeous spring green up! Your lawn takes a breather after the long hot summer days. … Continued

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Hillside aerate and seed equipment

To Aerate and Seed or Not to Aerate and Seed…That is the question

Many of our customers ask us if they should have aerate and seed their lawns each year. The answer is always a definite maybe! One of the best things you can do for your lawn besides proper mowing and fertilization is aeration and seeding. After the summer, when your lawn is stressed out from heat … Continued

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Worried about leaves?

A common question that comes up during the fall months is “What should I do about the leaves that fall? Mulch them? Rake them?” If you have leaves that fall when you are still mowing your lawn you can mow directly over them to chop them into small pieces. They will decompose and add organic … Continued

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Fall is the time for Aeration & Overseeding!

HillSide Lawn Service’s Aeration & Overseeding will give your lawn the help it needs to efficiently use nutrients and water, as well as introducing new desirable grasses to thicken the existing lawn! Fall is the ideal time for this service due to the onset of cool weather and the best potential for seed germination and … Continued

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Drought Resistant Turf Does Well in Fall

A fall drought can be very challenging for the turf grass manager. The grass already is not growing fast, so drought conditions can make fall turf look dry and brittle. Other factors, like disease spots and traffic patterns can worsen the situation. What to do? Well, a watering program will help for sure, but what … Continued

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Grub Damage Evident in Early Fall

This is the time of year grub damage shows up in the turf.  We have had fall rains and cool weather which makes the turf flourish and green up.  Areas where grubs have infested and eaten the roots of the lawn will not flourish; rather, these areas will die off turning brown and unsightly.  The … Continued

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