Lush, green turf starts with proper aeration of your property and high-quality grass seed. We use state-of-the-art aerating equipment teamed with experienced and well trained operators to allow us to perform this service efficiently and timely. The aeration process relieves soil compaction, and, most importantly, improves oxygen exchange at the root zone of your turf plants. This allows roots to grow, enhancing their ability to uptake water and nutrients. Aeration also allows nutrients applied with your lawn care program to efficiently absorb into the root zone, reducing potential runoff.  Our expert knowledge of grass species, local growing knowledge, and local soil types ensures that we will select the proper grass seed mixture for the uniqueness of your property. We expect a 30% improvement of turf density over a six month time frame.

Benefits of Aeration and Over Seeding

  • Allows rainfall to penetrate deeper
  • Improves oxygen exchange at root zone
  • Relieves compaction in high traffic areas
  • Introduces new turf grass varieties
  • Improves wear and heat tolerance
  • Makes lawn more disease resistant
  • Builds a stronger root system
  • Improves overall health and vigor of turf