Grub Damage Evident in Early Fall

This is the time of year grub damage shows up in the turf.  We have had fall rains and cool weather which makes the turf flourish and green up.  Areas where grubs have infested and eaten the roots of the lawn will not flourish; rather, these areas will die off turning brown and unsightly.  The tell tale sign is when the turf can be rolled back like a carpet, with well-fed grubs underneath.  What to do?  The first thing is kill the grubs with a contact insecticide to prevent any more damage.  The next thing is plan a repair job to restore the turf.  This may be seeding or sodding depending upon your resources.  Sometimes the turf will return on its own if its not too badly damaged.  Usually, the infested areas will have to be repaired though, a costly and labor intensive process.  

If you think you have grubs and want a professional opinion, call us and we will assess the damage and recommend a course of action.  At a minimum, grub control insecticide should be applied to the turf next season in the early summer as grubs are cyclical and will return next year.