Insects are part of the natural ecosystem in lawns. While these organisms serve a purpose in nature, they can be problematic when there are too many of them, or when they start to affect the health of your lawn. They quickly turn from nature’s way to a homeowner’s nightmare! But don’t worry, Hillside can help!

Hillside’s pest control services are designed to reduce the population of insects to levels that are tolerable to the plants. All insects have properties that are beneficial to the environment. Our goal is to control without elimination and to be kind to the environment.

Grub Control

Grubs are the larvae stage of various types of beetles that feed on your lawn’s root system in late summer and into the fall. If you notice beetles in your landscape, then you have the possibility of a grub infestation in your lawn. The Japanese Beetle grub is the most common and destructive type in our region. With an annual application, Hillside can control grubs when they begin feeding.

Tips to Identify Grubs

  • Beetles present in landscape and turf
  • Large brown areas of turf in late summer
  • Dead turf that pulls up easily
  • Grayish c-shaped grub present under dead turf

Flea and Tick Control

Hillside offers an application that can help keep all varieties fleas and ticks at bay so you can let your pets and children enjoy the yard without worry. We recommend three treatments at key points in the year when these pests’ activity are at their peak.