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5 Turf and Tree Tips For August Lawn Care

Hopefully, you’re taking advantage of the last month of summer. Perhaps you’re napping in a hammock, down the ocean with family, at the park picnicking or playing another round of flashlight tag with the kids. The last thing you want to think about is the fall, but now is the time to think about the … Continued

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July Buzzzz: Fleas, Ticks and Other Nuisance Pests

The list of mosquito and tick-borne diseases continues to grow and that makes the insect-control business boom. With so many players out there, why should you use Hillside? Hire a Licensed Professional The Environmental Protection Agency has approved a number of pesticides for residential spraying saying they are generally safe for our backyards. Unfortunately there … Continued

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Drought and Summer Heat: Help Your Lawn Survive

As the heat and dry conditions of the Maryland summer set in, your lawn could be turning brown, but don’t fret. The lawn isn’t dying. Your turf is naturally protecting itself by becoming dormant in extreme drought conditions and high heat temperatures. When temperatures exceed ninety degrees, grass stops growing and goes into conservation mode. … Continued


Grubs, Beetles, Worms and Scale: Identifying and Treating These Early Summer Pests

A rainy spring sprouted lush and green lawns, trees and shrubs, but the heat of the summer is here and your property needs protection. In the Maryland area, grubs, beetles, bagworms, and scale are the three top insects affecting causing havoc in early summer. It’s important to identify these pesky insects before they cause severe … Continued

Brown grass in summer? Is it dead?

Overall browning of tall fescue yards is very common in the summer. Most people think if they water the turf a few times here and there it will help the lawn get some color back, but this can actually do more harm than good! An overall brown color in the lawn is a telltale sign … Continued

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Mosquito & Tick Application Video

Check out our new video to see exactly how we spray your lawn to keep those pesky insects at bay! In the video we are using our 100% organic spray that works on a variety of insects!

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Organic Tick & Mosquito Control

HillSide Lawn Service is proud to bring you a 100% organic pest control! This product will work on Ticks, Mosquitos, Fleas, Gnats, Stinkbugs, and more! We will be applying this product during the summer months when pests are at their peak. HillSide Lawn Service recommends this application 3 times throughout the summer to keep you … Continued

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Summer Weeds Can be Tenacious to Control

Now that the dandelions, clover and chickweed have all been controlled in the lawn, it’s time to deal with a new host of summer weeds that can be more resistant to weed controls. These summer weeds include: violets, nutsedge, spurge, and purslane. They typically do not emerge until later in the spring into early summer. … Continued

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Better Check Your Evergreens for Bagworm Caterpillars

If you noticed tear drop shaped pods on you evergreens (and sometimes maples) then you better investigate further to see if they are active insects. These pests are very destructive and can defoliate and kill a tree in one season if left un-treated. They begin feeding on the foliage in June until August at which … Continued

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Late Summer is a Good Time for Pruning

Now that the landscape plantings are finished their growth spurt for the summer it’s a wise time to prune and shape the shrubs to your specifications. The plants will hold their shape and harden off where they were pruned before the cold weather gets here. Certain plants like azaleas and rhododendrons should be skipped because … Continued

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