Acorn Sightings Clues Us Into Fall Lawn Care


It’s that time of year when trees start to feel the wrath of mother nature. When acorns begin to drop, we are clued in that the fall season is around the corner. That means Hillside trucks are out rejuvenating lawns and prepping them for a winter sleep. Here are some tips about lawn care and garden care from your experts at Hillside.

Fall Means Aeration

Our fall startup program begins with aeration and seeding, giving your lawn a head start on perking back up in the spring. We punch holes into your lawn so that oxygen, water and fertilizer can easily reach the roots.

Get Rid of Bald Spots

Fall is the best time to seed your lawn so it’s ready for next season. Grass plants seeded in the fall do better because they have a lot of time in cool weather to reach maturity before heat and drought set in. Lawns seeded in the fall will do much better than those done in the spring.

Keep Mowing in the Fall Season

Myth: Grass stops growing in cold temps. Myth buster: Grass continues to grow but at a slower rate. September usually brings rainfall which is often needed after the heat of July and August. Keep mowing and if you raised your blade, remember to drop it down slightly for a shorter cut.

Plant Fall Season Pansies That Pop

The warm hues of fall foliage sometimes need a little bright spot and that’s what pansies do. They can tolerate the cooling temperatures and the sometimes wide swings of temperature from day to night.

Hide the Trimmers 

You may be eager to trim but try to hold yourself back! Pruning them now stimulates new growth just when they are trying to go dormant. Instead, prune in the dead of winter, early spring or when they finish flowering. Pruning is essential for healthy growth, but do it wisely to help your trees and shrubs give disease and pests the cold shoulder.

Join the Family This Fall

If you’re not part of the Hillside family, fall is a great time to sign up. We have been making green lawns since 1994. We take extreme pride in our high retention rate of highly-skilled technicians, some of whom have been with us since the beginning. We care about our customers’ lawns like they are our own.