Drought Resistant Turf Does Well in Fall

A fall drought can be very challenging for the turf grass manager. The grass already is not growing fast, so drought conditions can make fall turf look dry and brittle. Other factors, like disease spots and traffic patterns can worsen the situation. What to do? Well, a watering program will help for sure, but what if it’s not possible to water? Then the answer is use seed that’s cultivated to produce drought resistant turf. Mostly Tall Fescue varieties fit this bill. The turf type blends are the best to use in the mid-Atlantic region. The best time to sew the seed is in the fall so you have two cool growing seasons to get the new turf established. Once established this drought resistant turf will stand up to the driest of dry spells without thinning out and dying. Then when it finally rains and cools off it will return to full health and vigor within days. Call or click for more information on how you can make your lawn more tolerant of the fall dry spells we often get in Maryland.