Fall Fertilizing Helps Boost Spring Lawn Growth

wooly sweater in fall

Thick wooly sweaters (for dogs and humans!) and a hot thermos of cocoa are perfect tools for keeping comfortable during these cooler months. Our lawns feel the same way with a little shot of nitrogen and potassium combined with a thick layer of early morning dew. Fall fertilizing is a must for a healthy spring lawn next year.

Fall is the time when grass needs to recover from summer stress. Plants convert nutrients to carbohydrates and store this energy for growth and color the following spring. In an ideal world, we all have fertile soil with all the nutrients needed, but our soil is not always ideal!

Why Fall Fertilizing.

Summer heat is stressful and your turf welcomes the cooler fall temperatures with open arms! It’s the perfect setting for a lawn to regain strength. The morning dew provides the moisture needed to help turf absorb the fertilizer which supports root growth and gives grass a chance to build stamina before the cold, harsh winter temps kick in.

Why Hire a Pro.

Fall fertilizer contains a high ratio of nitrogen and potassium and together, they provide the perfect cocktail for lawn growth, but getting the right ratio is tricky. That’s why hiring Hillside is the smart homeowners choice. We follow best practices which means that our technicians are certified with the Maryland Department of Agriculture or they work under direct supervision with an individual who is certified. The certification is a rigorous process and technicians are required to renew licenses annually.

Get On The Books.

Hillside offers bundled programs to keep your lawn green and weed free on your budget. We are a no-nonsense team of highly skilled lawn care specialists with more than 150 years of collective experience. We love what we do and we are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied. That’s our Grassroots Guarantee. Call us for a free estimate for creating the curb appeal you deserve!