July Buzzzz: Fleas, Ticks and Other Nuisance Pests

dog scratching fleas

The list of mosquito and tick-borne diseases continues to grow and that makes the insect-control business boom. With so many players out there, why should you use Hillside?

Hire a Licensed Professional

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved a number of pesticides for residential spraying saying they are generally safe for our backyards. Unfortunately there are many new companies popping up that are not spraying with the proper licensing, experience and equipment.

We Don’t Overspray

Inexperienced sprayers may lead to overspraying that is not only damaging to our health and environment, but leads to homeowners wasting money as well. Misapplied chemicals leads to more toxins reaching our children, pets, streams, rivers and bays. It can also lead to insecticide resistance.

What Homeowners Can Do

Homeowners can start with a few simple steps to control mosquito and tick-borne diseases. The Centers for Disease Control suggests basic tactics like eliminating standing water where mosquitoes like to breed such as pet dishes, old tires, bird feeders and planters. Repairing screens on doors and windows and using air conditioning, if you can, because it keeps mosquitoes from entering your home.

If your lawn is already infested with pesky insects like fleas, ticks and mosquitoes then please call Hillside. We have been taking care of lawns since 1994. Our pest control services are designed to reduce insects to a level that is tolerable without harming the natural ecosystem. All insects have properties that are beneficial to the environment. It’s our job to maintain a balance between creating great outdoor spaces and protecting our environment.