Summer Weeds Can be Tenacious to Control

Now that the dandelions, clover and chickweed have all been controlled in the lawn, it’s time to deal with a new host of summer weeds that can be more resistant to weed controls. These summer weeds include: violets, nutsedge, spurge, and purslane. They typically do not emerge until later in the spring into early summer. They can have a waxy coating which makes the herbicide difficult to apply. They can grow very fast and take over an entire area before they are even noticed (especially spurge). Nevertheless, they are unsightly weeds and most lawncare customers want them gone from their lawns. At HillSide, we provide superior control of these problem weeds through the use of specialty herbicides such as MomentumFX, Solitaire, Dismiss, and Q4Plus to name a few of the brands. These weed controls are specially formulated to control the problem weeds on the hottest days, without harming the grass. So if you have a problem with these types of weeds, call HillSide, we know what to do!