Better Check Your Evergreens for Bagworm Caterpillars

If you noticed tear drop shaped pods on you evergreens (and sometimes maples) then you better investigate further to see if they are active insects. These pests are very destructive and can defoliate and kill a tree in one season if left un-treated. They begin feeding on the foliage in June until August at which time they pupate and lay eggs before they fly away as moths. These eggs will re-hatch next year for a bigger population of insects to ravage what may or may not be left of the tree.
At Hillside, we offer two seasonal insecticide sprays to control these unwanted guests. We treat in early June to prevent them and again in August to kill any adults. They are fairly easy to diagnose. Call us today if you think you have them and we will provide a free estimate to have them treated in a timely fashion. We will also asses the other plantings in your landscape to see if they have any lurking problems that need attention.