Winter Means Time to Lime

One of the best times of year to apply lime to the lawn is in the winter months. This is when the soil is consistently moist allowing the lime to be activated in the soil for a healthy spring pH. It takes about three months for lime to actually move the pH reading so applying your lime now will yield results in the spring and summer when the turf is actively growing and taking in nutrients. This article from Penn State explains why lawns do better with lime applied in the winter: We use pelletized, dolomitic lime for the best results possible. If your lawn hasn’t been limed in a while call or click today and inquire about this cold weather application. It may be exactly what your lawn needs to give it the boost it needs next summer. If your not sure if your soil pH is low and in need of lime, we can run a lab soil test to see. This can be useful because sometimes the turf requires extra lime to appropriately move the pH into an acceptable range.