Winter Lawn Fertilization, a Must

Now that the final mowing is done, and most of the leaves are picked up, it’s time to fertilize the lawn for winter. Otherwise known as the winterizer application. Why is this treatment so necessary? Do I really need this if the lawn will not be mowed for months? These are a couple questions you may be asking yourself.

The main reason you need to fertilize in the winter is to provide nutrients and carbohydrates for the grass to have winter root development. That’s correct; the roots will grow considerably over the cold winter months storing up carbohydrates to be released the following spring in the form of vegetative top growth, which makes your lawn look thick and green. So you may not be mowing the lawn until sometime in 2015, but the action underground from the fertilizer used in the fall will make all the difference in the world when it comes to how your lawn looks next spring. But you have to follow regulations if you live in Maryland. The old line state has environmental regulations in place to protect the bay.

The biggest concern is nutrients running off of the cold, frozen ground into the bay and its tributaries. That’s why there is no fertilization allowed in the winter months of December, January or February. There are also limits on fertilizer use throughout the year. At HillSide we are current and compliant with this new law. As well as certified and licensed to apply fertilizer by the Md Dept of Agriculture. So give us a call to have your lawn winterized and fertilized throughout the year, your lawn will thank you for it next spring!