Start the Year off with a Lime Application

Winter is a good time to apply lime to the turf grass. Since it takes months for the lime to change the pH of the soil, an application in January will improve the pH for the spring and summer growing season. Lime is used annually. We put down a maintenance level to keep the soil’s pH in check. Certain environmental factors such as rainfall and consistent fertilization can have a acidifying effect on the soil requiring lime to counteract. We can also run a soil sample to determine in a laboratory test your exact soil pH. We can then apply the required amount of lime to bring the pH into an acceptable range. The Maryland Department of Agriculture recommends a soil test every three years to check the condition of the soil. The department promotes the use of lime to correct the soil pH which will ultimately lead to less fertilizer usage. This promotes excess run-off into the bay which is the goal of the Department of Agriculture’s nutrient management program. So if you’ve never had lime applied, you may want to contact us and discuss this for your lawn.