Rain On My Crabgrass Control, You Bet

You may have recently applied your crabgrass preventer herbicide or a professional company may have applied it for you and you got a lot of rain shortly after. While its seems like most of the herbicide would have washed away or diluted, the reality is the herbicide was driven into the soil where the new crabgrass seedlings will take it in and die. This is how the preventer works, without the rainfall it would not work. So rain shortly after the grassy weed preventer is a good thing.
There are several different types of crabgrass preventers on the market. The one HillSide chooses to use is prodiamine herbicide. We feel it provides very good results and has a long duration in the soil. We can put it down in early spring and get control until August time frame. If you think you have crabgrass and some help controlling it, give us a call and get on our schedule while there is still time to get the application “rained” into the soil.