Beautifying Lawns the Responsible Way

Boy and Dog in Green Grass

We have kids and pets, just like our customers, in fact, you can see some of our furry friends in our staff bios on our website (Check out Marney, and Boo). That’s why we invest a lot of time researching and training during the off season to find new herbicide products and new methods of application to beautify lawns in a responsible way.

This year we’re introducing Civitas Weedfree BrandTM, a concentrate using less active ingredients to kill over 60 weed varieties. Using this type of product follows Hillside’s aim to incorporate integrated pest management – a method defined by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization as:

“…a pest control technique using appropriate levels that discourage the development of pest populations and keeps pesticide use at a minimum in order to minimize risks to human health and the environment.”

In other terms, we make lawns green and weed-free in a kid and pet friendly way!

We treat our customers as if they are family. We want to safely play ball and barbeque in our backyard this spring just like everyone does. And, we want our turf to be thick and healthy, too. All three of our lawn care programs – Economy, Essential and Deluxe — eliminate pests that damage our turf with a combination of proper products, safe levels of treatment and proper natural maintenance practices.

Sign up today for one of our programs to ready your lawn for the upcoming spring warm up…it’s literally around the corner!