Control Your Winter Weeds in the Fall

There is a crop of weeds that germinate in the fall and grow all winter until early spring when they flower and produce seeds. This group of weeds is called winter annuals and it includes: chickweed, henbit and shepherds purse to name a few.

To control these, HillSide applies an application of broadleaf weed control in the early fall just after the weeds germinate. Some lawns do not have any of these sneaky weeds, but some have a lot of them. The main reason is, the lawn has had them in the past and the soil profile is loaded up with the seeds, ready to germinate when the conditions are right in the fall. They need natural rainfall and mild temps to germinate in the lawn. If you remember your lawn being loaded up with these weeds last March, then you will need a fall weed control application to prevent them this winter. Call HillSide and we will quote you a price to have this done in a timely fashion.