Grubs, Beetles, Worms and Scale: Identifying and Treating These Early Summer Pests

A rainy spring sprouted lush and green lawns, trees and shrubs, but the heat of the summer is here and your property needs protection. In the Maryland area, grubs, beetles, bagworms, and scale are the three top insects affecting causing havoc in early summer. It’s important to identify these pesky insects before they cause severe … Continued


Tips to Prevent Mosquito, Tick and Flea Bites

The Asian Tiger Mosquito. Yellow Fever Mosquito. Malaria Mosquito. Encephalitis Mosquito. Southern House Mosquito. Eastern Salt March Mosquito. Of the 176 species in the United States, these are the most common mosquitoes in our country. Some are harmless or even beneficial to the human race, but many are considered pests due to the fact that … Continued

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How Do You Get Rid of Weeds?

If you search “dandelions” on the internet, you’ll find websites like, “16 Ways to Eat Dandelions,” “Tips for Harvesting Dandelions,” or “Adorable Photos of Baby’s First Dandelion.” When Hillside searches for dandelions, we’re not on the internet, we’re not planning a feast, or snapping adorable photos (our Lawn techs are super friendly but, maybe not … Continued

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Early Crabgrass Control Sets the Stage for Green Lawns All Season

The easiest time to stop crabgrass is in the spring before it becomes a nuisance in the summer. Crabgrass seeds can start to germinate in the spring once the soil reaches 55 degrees. Hillside’s early spring pre-emergent weed control is our most beneficial and longest lasting application. This treatment prevents crabgrass and broadleaf weeds from … Continued

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Worried about leaves?

A common question that comes up during the fall months is “What should I do about the leaves that fall? Mulch them? Rake them?” If you have leaves that fall when you are still mowing your lawn you can mow directly over them to chop them into small pieces. They will decompose and add organic … Continued

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Brown grass in summer? Is it dead?

Overall browning of tall fescue yards is very common in the summer. Most people think if they water the turf a few times here and there it will help the lawn get some color back, but this can actually do more harm than good! An overall brown color in the lawn is a telltale sign … Continued

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Seeing Brown Patches? Red Thread Disease running wild!

After these last few weeks of rainy weather we begin to see large brownish patches in lawns. What you are seeing is called Red Thread Disease. You will see these patches gradually grown out of the turf with regular mowing and the onset of warmer weather. Spring and Fall are notorious for this disease especially … Continued

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Winterizer – last but not least!

As you prepare to pull out your parkas and wool socks, HillSide Lawn Service is preparing your lawn for the long winter ahead! With fall coming to an end, your lawn is receiving our winterizer treatment, which is one of the most important lawn applications of the year. This slow release fertilizer will feed your … Continued

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Fall is the time for Aeration & Overseeding!

HillSide Lawn Service’s Aeration & Overseeding will give your lawn the help it needs to efficiently use nutrients and water, as well as introducing new desirable grasses to thicken the existing lawn! Fall is the ideal time for this service due to the onset of cool weather and the best potential for seed germination and … Continued

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Mosquito & Tick Application Video

Check out our new video to see exactly how we spray your lawn to keep those pesky insects at bay! In the video we are using our 100% organic spray that works on a variety of insects!

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