Snow as Weed Suppression?

When we were having our training session last week, our manufacturing rep from John Deere Landscapes/ said something that stuck in my mind: “I think the extended snow this season has kept the winter annuals down.” Thats an interesting notion worth considering. Does the snow keep winter weeds from doing well and being less of a problem in the spring? The major weeds we deal with in the winter are chickweed and henbit. These winter pests germinate in the fall, creep all winter and go to seed in the spring. The idea from our rep is the snow interferes with this process, the end result being less weeds in the lawn in March. Thats good news for us. Winter weeds have become very difficult to deal with because they do not except weed control due to the cold temperatures. They usually go unnoticed until spring when the homeowner sees them and think their lawn service is falling down on the job.
So we will be out there in spring killing these weeds as we always do, but maybe this year there will be a few less to help make this cold, snowy winter good for something.