How Do You Get Rid of Weeds?


If you search “dandelions” on the internet, you’ll find websites like, “16 Ways to Eat Dandelions,” “Tips for Harvesting Dandelions,” or “Adorable Photos of Baby’s First Dandelion.” When Hillside searches for dandelions, we’re not on the internet, we’re not planning a feast, or snapping adorable photos (our Lawn techs are super friendly but, maybe not so adorable)! We search for dandelions on your property and zap these pesky weeds as they are one of the biggest spoilers of quality turf.

Dandelions are one of many broadleaf weeds that begin growing and dominating the lawn in early spring. Other weeds include clover, plantain, carpetweed, and henbit. Interesting names for sure, but not interesting to look at! Once these weeds get started, they quickly mature in the lawn, robbing the grass of nutrients, light, and water. But don’t fret, there are simple ways to prevent broadleaf weed invasions.

Invest in Weed Control. Hillside provides regularly-scheduled treatments for control of broadleaf weeds, precisely timed for optimum protection. It’s important to treat these weeds when they are immature. Our spring broadleaf herbicide is the crucial first step in eradicating them.

Fertilize Regularly. A thick, healthy lawn is the number one defense against weed infestation because dense turf crowds out weeds so they can’t sprout. We are a full-service lawn management company and fertilization is part of each of our lawn care programs.

Mow Higher. We said this in our last blog, and we will say it a lot this season! Raise your mowing height. Although many homeowners love the look of a closely cropped lawn, mowing too low thins out turf allowing weeds to sprout almost overnight.

Do Not Overwater. Saturated soil is a breeding ground for weeds. If it’s been raining often, supplemental watering is not necessary.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice and more tips. We’re always available by phone and email, and we have helpful tips on our website. Our staff is highly trained, knowledgeable, and friendly (perhaps not adorable, as stated above). If you have any concerns about your lawn, tree or shrubs, ask your technician during your next lawn care treatment!