Getting the Right Mix for the Lawn

We always are precise and accurate with our filling procedure for our lawncare trucks. You can rest assured your lawn will get the appropriate mixture of fertilizer and herbicides to make it look its best at all times of year. We are currently applying liquid fertilizer, Pre-emergent crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control. This mixture will turn your lawn around. Once these products do their job, the lawn will look better and better as we head toward the summer solstice.
We also know how much fertilizer to apply to be in compliance with the Maryland nutrient management legislation recently passed and enforced with renewed vigor by the Maryland Department of Agriculture. Its best to have a licensed company handle your fertilization as these regulations are complicated. We have our license and a set program of correct fertilizer levels.
So if you want your lawn to be sprayed accurately by a trained professional, call or click on Hillside today.