Wes Cohen

Wes has been with the company for more than 24 years, a Hillside original! As a licensed pesticide applicator and an agronomic specialist, he takes pride in his technical knowledge of turf and ornamentals. His main responsibility at Hillside is to research and study new products and application techniques in order to improve Hillside’s lawn care and tree and shrub programs. He works with labs at the University of Maryland, the University of Georgia and the Maryland Department of Agriculture to ensure the chemicals being used are safe for the environment, our customers and our staff.

Fun Facts

Wes is an accomplished guitarist. In his spare time he enjoys playing gigs at local clubs throughout Harford and Baltimore Counties. He also enjoys cooking, small engine repair and gardening.

Vacation Bucket List: California, Mexico, Europe

Favorite Junk Food: Cake, Chocolate

Favorite Sports Team: His kids’ Bel Air High School sports teams

Favorite Bands:  Dave Matthews Band, Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan