Rob Rosolowski

Rob has been with Hillside for 12 years and he is currently the Operations Manager of our south branch servicing Howard, Montgomery and Anne Arundel Counties as well as the Southwest area of Baltimore County. Rob is obsessed with trees, shrubs and all things green! He’s a certified tree and shrub specialist. During the off season, he scours the internet for agriculture studies and new information on the latest plant care research and for products for improving lawn care. Rob is passionate about his job and wants the best for his customers.

Fun Facts

In his spare time, Rob likes to workout daily so he can enjoy his favorite junk foods! According to Rob, “my inner foodie likes to wrestle with my inner health nut; the struggle is real.”

Vacation Bucket List: The Yellow Mountains of Huangshan, China, the Kodai-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan

Favorite Junk Food: Medium Rare New York Strip, guacamole, red pepper hummus

Favorite Sports Team: Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles

Favorite Bands:  Movie Soundtracks, especially John Williams’s movies like Star Wars