Patrick O’Shea

For many years, Pat was a chef in the Massachusetts area. He moved back to his hometown six years ago to help take care of his aging stepfather and wanted a change from working long hours in a kitchen. The outdoor work in lawn care and maintenance intrigued him, and, because of Hillside’s rigorous training, he was able to try something new without having to go back to school. Hillside’s training program taught him the science-based approach to caring for lawns and landscapes and Hillside’s unique environmentally friendly approach to lawn care solutions.

Fun Facts

Pat’s a bit of a metal head, but not just in the music sense! He studies horology, the art and science of measuring time. Pat has been collecting for nearly 20 years. His favorite is a Vintage Seiko he plans to hand down to his son, Connor, one day.

Vacation Bucket List: Japan

Favorite Junk Food: Gummi Bears

Names of Pets: Roxy, his Labrador Retreiver

Favorite Bands:  Judas Priest, Nick Cave