Justin Grizzle

Justin has always been mechanically inclined. Before starting at Hillside four years ago, he worked as a glass fabricator operating power saws and other machinery.  He always wanted a job that enabled him to work outside, and Hillside fit the bill. Starting as a commercial specialist he learned quickly and developed his agronomic ability to enable him to become a residential specialist. With his superior customer relations, work ethic, and outstanding attitude, he is able to handle one of our larger routes within Harford County.

Fun Facts

In his spare time, Justin works in his garage rebuilding car engines, transmissions and fixing any other car issues his friends and family need. He is also an avid Call of Duty gamer and has even played in online tournaments.

Vacation Bucket List: The Netherlands

Favorite Junk Food: Ice Cream

Names of Pets: Lilly and Pumpkin

Favorite Bands:  Garth Brooks, George Strait