Eleanor Cohen

Eleanor has been working at Hillside for two years during her summers home from University of South Carolina where she is studying business management. She’s learning about agronomy more and more as she gains experience at Hillside. She loves working with the Hillside team, but especially loves being in the field and communicating with customers where she helps them through problems with the lawns and strives to go the extra mile to make them smile. Eleanor comes on board full time at Hillside after graduation, Spring 2019.

Fun Facts

In her spare time, Eleanor likes hiking, cooking, water skiing and hanging out with her pets. She has three dogs, Chestnut, Sunshine and Bear, as well as a bunny named Oliver and a horse named Blue.

Vacation Bucket List: Southeast Asia and Africa

Favorite Junk Food: Pizza and Toast

Favorite Sports Teams: Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles, and the Carolina Gamecocks

Favorite Bands: The Avett Brothers, Bob Dylan, The Lumineers, Tom Petty