Chad Zimmerman

Chad is another Hillside veteran, serving the company for more than 19 years. As Production Manager of our south branch servicing Howard, Montgomery, Anne Arundel, and Baltimore Counties, Chad is responsible for overseeing all commercial and residential lawn care teams. He has a strong managerial background, as he was a property manager for a local management company for several years working with condominiums, apartments, and homeowner associations before his tenure at Hillside. Because of his years at the company and Hillside’s low employee turnover, Chad feels like Hillside is his second home.

Fun Facts

When Chad is out of the office, it’s rare to see him without a baseball or baseball bat in his hand. Chad coaches, The Orioles of Aberdeen, a rec baseball team in Harford County. He has been coaching the same group of boys from T-ball age until 15 years old. Chad is a diehard Baltimore Orioles fan. Next time you see Chad, ask him about his experience at Cal Ripkin’s 2131 game.

Vacation Bucket List: Hawaii

Favorite Junk Food: Skor Candy Bar

Names of Pets: Olliver the dog

Favorite Sports Team: Baltimore Orioles

Favorite Bands:  Pearl Jam, Guns and Roses